Former Warriors

Coleco Buie (95) Southwest Missouri State
David Greer (95) Illinois-Chicago
Anthony Hunt (95) Youngstown State
Anthony Coomes (96) Illinois-Chicago
Dujuan Wiley (96) Michigan State
Tyron Lee (96) Missouri
Toby Madison (96) South Alabama
Cliff Jackson (96) Illinois-Chicago
Konstantine Stavropoulos (97) Illinois-Chicago
Chauncey Jones (97) Alabama
Darrian Evans (97) South Alabama
Davey Upton (98) Belmont
Michael Phillips (99) Wichita State
Jovann Johnson (99) UMass
Nick Woods (00) Miami-Ohio
Randy Rice (00) Illinois State
Chris Spencer (00) IUPUI
Vlad Buscaglia (00) American University
Darren Tarver (01) George Mason
Chaz Briggs (01) West Virginia
Hiram Fuller (01) Fresno State • Washington Wizards
Antwain Barber (02) Kentucky
Tony Allen (02) Oklahoma State • Boston Celtics
Johnny Hollingsworth (02) Akron
Anthony Wilcher (02) Nicholls State
Quinnel Brown (03) Auburn
Marques Lewis (03) UAB
Tony Weeden (03) Chicago State
Antwan Alexander (04) New Mexico State
Quintin Butler (04) IPFW
Antwon Coleman (05) UNC-Charlotte
Jerell Jamison (05) UNC-Charlotte
Walt Chancellor (05) Wright State
Patrick Alston (05) Western Michigan
Clint Cunningham (05) Morgan State
Tyler Ray (05) Alabama State
Kevin Bridgewaters (06) Tennessee Chattanooga
Carlos Williams (06) UNC Charlotte
Darrin Cloud (06) South Alabama
Vincent James (06) UNC Ashville
Mario Brandon (06) South Dakota
Youssoupha Sene (06) Lambuth
Norman Anderson (07) Southern Indiana
Dexter Powell (07) Middle Tenn. St.
Rickey Garrett (07) Clayton State
Marcus Van (07) Eastern Michigan
Emanual Gaiter (07) Tennessee State
Robert Glenn (08) IUPUI
Devin Williams (08) University of Indianapolis
Tamas Cech (08) Incarnate Word U
Greg Holley (08) Tenn State
Jared Maners (09) Oakland City Univ
Chris Duncan (09) Alabama St.
Andre Miller (09) Wayne St.
Justin Lewis (09) Eastern IL
Brandon Dunson (10) Arizona State
Cornelius Chatt (10) Southern Illinois at Edwardsville
Corey Wickware (10) Southern Illinois at Edwardsville
Josh Lockett (10) Southeast Louisiana
Omar Sanders (10) South Carolina St.
Desmond Halloway (10) Coastal Carolina
Brandon McGee (10) Georgia State
Krieg Oxley (11) Kentucky Wesleyan
Cornelius Walker (11) Kentucky Wesleyan
DavRon Williams (10) North Carolina Central
Ian Chiles (11) IUPUI
Trevor George (11) Indiana University Southeast
Nick Wiggens (12) Wichita State
Jon Octeus (12) Colorado State
Mike Samuels (12) Indiana State
Chasen Campbell (12) South Carolina State
Monty Wilson (12) Georgetown
Shaquille Wilson (12) Lindsey Wilson
Donavon Johnson (12) Kentucky Wesleyan
John Cathey Macklin (12) Tarleton State
Chad Smith (12) Missouri Bapist 
Alex Carr (13) Utah Valley State
Chris Griffin (13) Auburn
Ian Chiles (14) Tennessee
Wesley Afolayan (14) Prairie View A&M
John Octeus (15) Purdue
Jaquan Lynch (15) Arkansas Pine Bluff
Sam Thompson (15) Austin Peay
Mike Donaldson (15) South Carolina State
Hank Mathews (16) Columbia
Brandon Wolfe (16) Drury


Wabash Valley basketball has a rich tradition of producing quality players. Because of its reputation, Warrior players receive incredible exposure to 4-year colleges and universities.