President's Message


It is my distinct pleasure in welcoming you to Wabash Valley College.  We are the “first choice” of students throughout the tri-state area.  This past academic year brought great distinction for the college as the Aspen Institute named Wabash Valley College one of the “top 120 community Colleges in the nation”.  The nearly 12,000 graduates, as well as all other stakeholders of the College, are justifiably proud of the honors and distinctions the College continues to receive for adhering to a mission that predicates itself on excellence in teaching, learning, public service, and economic development. 

Teaching and learning are at the heart of the College and are hallmarks of the community college in the United States.  At Wabash Valley College our faculty place great emphasis on the formation and application of knowledge.  We take this a step further by recognizing that every interaction a student has with an employee of the College, inside and outside the College, produces a learning opportunity.  Students are taught to solve problems, and it is the development of critical thinking that aids our students in tackling any issue they may face in their future endeavors.  This ability to master the content and apply it within a chosen field draws individuals to Wabash Valley College as faculty, staff, and students.

Public service provides the opportunity for our students to give something of themselves to help others.  We live in a society that continually works to build self-esteem through putting ourselves, our wants, and our desires, first.  We offer students the opportunity to put the needs of others above their own through a vast array of clubs and organizations that seek to build the character of our students through serving others.  Our students have the opportunity while they are still in college to impact the lives of others…to change people’s lives….to make a difference. 

Economic Development is the final hallmark of our mission, and it is one that benefits our entire region.  Wabash Valley College provides thousands of hours of continuing education and training to area businesses in Illinois and Indiana.  This customized training has been critical to the development of industry in the area.  Continuing education provides an opportunity for the College to come alongside both large and small businesses and benefit the socioeconomic structure of the region.

At Wabash Valley College, our reputation as an excellent institution of higher education is a direct result of our mission at work in the lives of so many.  I am thrilled to be a part of Wabash Valley College and I invite you to experience Wabash Valley College this year too. 



Matt Fowler, Ph.D.